Exporting data from reports to excel

<p><span>How would I export data generated in Empower to Excel files? </span></p><p></p><p><span>I have amino acid RTs and concentrations in tables in PDFs, but I need the data in an Excel spreadsheet. Is there an exporting method I can create to make the conversion? </span></p>


  • Hi,

    Just go to help in Empower and type Export method it will give you a series of answers on how to create and run.

    In a nutshell if you are in the project window with your aa data,

    From File menu

    Select new method ...

    Select export method

    Fill out the boxes.

    Easy as pie


  • Within Preview, you can just right-click from the print preview window and select copy, then within your Excel spreadsheet, paste the data. Within print preview, you must be viewing the page that contains the data you want to copy.