Hand hel scontroller for the Acquity - just a rumour?

<p><span>Is there any substance to this rumour? If so when would it be available. </span></p><p></p><p><span>Personally our lab would find it most useful, as there often isn't the room (or real need) to have a hulking desktop PC next to the Acquity instrument on the bench. A hand held controller would be a useful addition I feel.</span></p>


  • Hello:

    No it's not a rumor, the unit is coming shortly.

    It is designed to allow users to perform routine tasks next to the instrument when their acquisition PC may be remote from the system, as in a network environment. It will allow users to -

    (1) Prepare ACQUITY UPLC systems for operation

    (2) Run diagnostic tests next to the ACQUITY UPLC System, such as Calibrate needle z-axis, change needle, prime pump seal, etc.

    (3) Set up initial conditions

    (4) Check system status when acquiring data

    It is not designed to have the functionality of a full controller - running methods and sample lists etc, as that is already available today from the ACQUITY UPLC Console software. And this means that in network environment which usually requires full GXP compliance, the controller can be installed ready for use without any concern for the integrity of the system (as the unit does not interact with the CDS).

    It should be announced very soon.


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  • I have another question. Is this controller able to use without Empower or MassLynx? My lab is planning to buy UPLC and API, and most of co-workers have never used UPLC. I think this is very useful for people who are not familiar with UPLC.

  • lizh

    The ACQUITY UPLC Console software can run samples and methods, when MassLynx or Empower are not present. SO all you would need is a computer. This functionality is supressed when there is a data station. If you want further details I can supply.

    Additionally, you can control ACQUITY with Analyst s/w.

    Hope this helps.