Polyetheramine Analysis Using UPLC with SQD

<p><span>Does anyone have any new method information on doing Polyetheramine analysis using UPLC with SQD?</span></p><p></p><p><span>I have the Waters Application Note "Acquity UPLC with ELS and MS Detection: Polyetheramines dated May 2006.</span></p>


  • I have emailed your request to SQD operator's at Waters. However, as many are on vacation it may be a delayed response.


  • lizh

    Apologies for the delay and I was advised that this should translate easily to SQD. The desolvation gas and temp may need to be increased a bit but should be fine on SQD

    Happy New Year!

  • Thanks for the information. It will help in establishing a new method.

  • EdS

    Thank you Liz for your answers, just a little additional information.

    As a starting point for method development, I would suggest using the following parameters for the SQ Detector when using the ACQUITY method from the apps note you originally attached;

    Desolvation Gas Flow; 900L/Hr

    Desolvation Temperature; 400°C

    Source Temperature: 150°C

    These should be good generic starting points for LC methods with flow rates above 0.4mL/min.

    Thanks and all the best,