Polyetheramine Analysis Using UPLC with SQD

Does anyone have any new method information on doing Polyetheramine analysis using UPLC with SQD?I have the Waters Application Note "Acquity UPLC with ELS and MS Detection: Polyetheramines dated May 2006.


  • I have emailed your request to SQD operator's at Waters. However, as many are on vacation it may be a delayed response.


  • Apologies for the delay and I was advised that this should translate easily to SQD. The desolvation gas and temp may need to be increased a bit but should be fine on SQD

    Happy New Year!

  • Thanks for the information. It will help in establishing a new method.

  • Thank you Liz for your answers, just a little additional information.

    As a starting point for method development, I would suggest using the following parameters for the SQ Detector when using the ACQUITY method from the apps note you originally attached;

    Desolvation Gas Flow; 900L/Hr

    Desolvation Temperature; 400°C

    Source Temperature: 150°C

    These should be good generic starting points for LC methods with flow rates above 0.4mL/min.

    Thanks and all the best,

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