Some issues with Acquity

<p>I wonder if anybody has experience in the "phenomena" descibed below.</p><p></p><p>First of all, our Acquity system seems to "resist" configuration changes. When we configure the system so that PDA (older 2996 type) is chosen to be used, and after that try to open an Inlet method file that has been in use when <em>different</em> configuration has been in use (that is, PDA detector has <em>not</em>been chosen), the file doesn't open but we see the error message "File not found". An Inlet method that "accepts" the PDA detector has to be built from the scratch even if there are no other differences in the file than the utilization of the PDA detector. I wonder if this is normal.

Secondly, when changing lower pressure limits in Inlet method files (for this we use higher value, 1000 psi, with UPLC columns when compared with HPLC columns), the system doesn't recognize the changes<em>even if an entirely different file with the new pressure value is used</em>. That is, the system seems to "read" the older pressure limit value from somewhere. Things turn okay after closing down MassLynx and resetting Solvent and Sample Managers. </p>


  • Dear Jukka:

    In the first case, there are a couple of possibilities - the 2996 and ACQUITY PDA (or elambdaPDA) have different file extensions. Therefore, converting from 2996 PDA to ePDA, you will not have to "rebuild", the extensions the same way. Additionally, if you have just added this as a new detector to the system, it may be that there is no method with the same name (as the original method) in the method folder. So the method has to be saved so there is a new detector method of the same name as the other components.

    The second one is less clear, we believe there must be some issue with a setting not being cleared or a mismatch with the system configuration, especially as you have set up a new module and/or possibly system. You should contact Technical support or your local service personnel to get assistance with this issue. These issues are primarily related to software rather than the instrument and so ensure that it is software assistance that you speak with initially. I would like you to request assistance in determining that the firmware and software versions are at the latest versions compatible with your MS and SCN, but also that the new and old instrument firmware and ICS versions match.