Help solve injection problem UPLC?

My UPLC is having a injection problem and do not inject. The machine reset communication is working fine, and the injector is moving, but just do not inject.When I touch Inlet Method “Autosampler parameter” icon (second bar, nr 7 icon from the left), give error message: “InletEditor MFC Application has encountered a problem and need to close” and asked if I want to send a report to Mocrosoft, then closed.When I try to run samples from sample list, it stop and kept at: Acquiring, no injection.I tried reinstalled the UPLC software and did not help.Do anyone know what kinds of problem it is, and how to solve this problem? Thank you!


  • Hi

    This seems like there is a software and/or hardware issue that requires resolution in a practical fashion. I shall send some guidance to you shortly, but please can you go to iRequest for Technical Assistance and we can work from there.

    Here is the link...

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