Copying calibration to a different project

<p>Does anyone know how to copy a calibration curve from one project to another? Both projects are already setup and have result sets in them. I want to reanalyze a result set with a calibration that was done in a different project. There is a "copy to" menu item, but when I choose it, and pick the other project to copy it to, I get a message that my instrument settings will be erased, etc etc. (i'm not in front of that computer right now, so I don't remember exactly) . thanks </p>


  • Hello,

    The simplest way to copy the calibration curve from one project to another project is to copy a result or result set as you are doing. Best practice is usually to generate calibration curves under the exact same conditions as the sample.

    There is a dialog box that appears when you copy information to a project. This is most likely what you are seeing by your description.

    I briefly review the Online Help this should be all you need for success.

    You cannot replace information in a full audit trail project. You can only replace information in a project if it is not a full audit trail project.

    This dialog box appears when you copy the information to a project that contains a method with the same name as the method you are copying. The duplicate method name is listed. You can do the following things:

    If you click Cancel, copying stops.

    If you click Yes or Yes to All, copying continues, and a new method version in the destination project is created.

    If you click No or No to All, copying continues without overwriting the identically named method in the destination project.

    If you copy data to another project, associated instrument and sample set methods are copied to the project and overwrite methods that have the same name even if you choose No or No to All. If you copy a result or result set to another project, the associated processing method is copied, in addition to the instrument method and sample set method.

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  • You might have more success in copying the std channels to the new project and recreating the calibration curve.

    Empower is designed to work with all stds in the sample sets with the samples as this is what inspectors and QA kind of expect. I know that in some industries and labs this is not always practical. If this kind of thing is a regular activity and you have no compliance issues to take care of, you might check that you have the " allow shallow copies" enabled and the associate privileges.

  • Hi cont we copy Calibration with processing method.

    What i mean is  my processing method is associated with calibration.So that i can copy processing method.

    Can i?

    If i am wrong please let me know



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