Manual Integration with Intersample Summary Fields

<p>I made an intersample peak summary field designed to generate an average impurity result using only the values that exceed a threshold. Formula is SAME.%.%.AVE(Pct_Imp)  It works well when the chromatography is easy and the auto-processing produces the desired result.</p><p></p><p>When the results are manually integrated, I can't get the intersample peak summary field to work.  It's populated on the first processing pass, but then manual integrations clear the values.  When I reprocess the result set, using Keep Existing Integration and Calibrate / Quantitate, the new peaks are there, but no intersample peak summary fields.</p><p></p><p>Does anyone have any thoughts or workarounds?  Thanks!</p>


  • As it turned out the established process for this scenario works (batch process, manual integrate, save, reprocess w/ Existing Integration for a new result set).  The sample set I was working had standards that were not used for quantitation and set up in the Sample Set as Unknowns.  I changed the Sample Type for the standards to Standards and then manual integration with reprocessing worked.  I suspect something related with the Calibrate step where the Calibrate command needs something to act upon in order for intersample fields to get calculated.  Apologies for the false alarm!

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