Solvent names defined in Empower II FR 4, SP D disappear

<p> Any thoughts on why Solvents defined in Empower projects for the Acquity randomly seem disappear leaving only some default solvents?  Seems to be project specific and seems to occur during or after editing an instrument method. </p>


  • We hae a different problem related to same module - we have several user defined solvents on the list. Now, when someone goes to try to add a new one, the editor disappears and locks the method.

  • Hello,

    In order to focus the investigation, could you describe the specific instruments and ICS version to which this behavior relates?

    Also, does your environment have Citrix?

    Thank you


  • All Acquity instruments (including H-class). We're on FW 1.51, running Empower 2154, FR3/SP-D via Citrix.

    We get a "Runtime Error! Program: E:EmpowerBin INEDITOR.EXE This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact..." yadda yadda.

    I think another admin. on this system has a ticket open w/ the (Waters) help desk.



  • Hello,

    I have shared these details with others on the ACQUITY team for investigation.

    As soon as there is an update I will post soon.

    Thank you


  • Any updates on this? I have seen that new solvents can not be added to the list and/or when trying to add a new one the method crashes and kicks you out.

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