PDA Error-- Need Help!

<p>We have an Acquity UPLC system with 4-column manager, PDA, and FLR (currently FLR is not in use), on Empower 2. I am getting this PDA error repeatedly. The system was purchased in 2008 and never had this error before (or on any other Acquity in our lab), there was no recent changes on the system that I know of.</p><p></p><p>Whether sample set run or just monitoring a baseline, the PDA suddenly stops working in the middle with an alarm sound and red LED on the hardware and huge noises (I 've seen up to 170AU!!) on the chromatogram. Both Empower and Acquity console indicate "Communication Error" and the reset on the console wouldn't work. The PDA needed reboot and after that, it starts working well, but the same error happens again during an injection or baseline monitoring. When this happens, the Empower Message Center shows "<strong>Dsp Time Stamp Qualification (xxx)</strong>" Warning. I searched this cryptic message but I couldn't find out what it really means... (xxx) are numbers, it seems the time point the error happened, but one occasion it was 9396127744.00. No idea what this is.  </p><p></p><p>We are trying to reach to the local Waters technician but he is a super busy guy and we are really desperate. Has anyone had this problem before? What is causing this error? I just replaced the PDA lamp and the Ethernet switch and still the error is happening. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.</p>


  • This does not sound good, I will have one of our tchnical supor team replyyou soonest bear with us


  • Hi again

    Here are the questions from the technical Team

    What is the status of the LED's on the front of the detector are when it is in the error state. If there is a flashing status then it is likely there is a problem with the charge amp PCB or the personality board. If the LED's are green and steady after the failure then the detector may be resetting itself due to a power supply problem. It is unlikely to be firmware related and will probably require a service visit to rectify.

    Regards Liz

  • Dear Liz,

    Thanks for getting back to me quickly. In response to the Tech team, the LED (lamp) on the PDA was solid red when the error happened. This doesn't match with either of the scenario mentionerd above. What does the solid red mean? And does the weired warning message ring any bells? We still haven't heard from the local service engineer on a separate issue that happened last week. It could be many days away to get him on site. We are hoping to find any diagnostic or repair procedure that can be done by ourselves...    Again, any information is appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi

    Again from service, you can try this one recommendation, but this fels ike a service call.


    A solid red LED would indicate a lockup of the firmware. It could be caused by a loss of communication or a physical problem on the CPU or personality board. I would suggest that a reload of the firmware could at least eliminate that as being part of the problem. Also because it is happening during an acquisition or baseline monitor it may indicate that the detector is trying to upload data and the workstation is busy. I would have them turn off automatic updates to see if this affects the error. Other than those ideas I think it may still require a service visit to correct.

  • Dear Liz, thanks again for your prompt response. It would be really great if there was a nice list of ALL the error messages to look up when such a cryptic message appears on the system so that we can at least have some clues for what is going on… It sound like we need a service call. We’ll keep investigating until we can get the service engineer on site. I appreciate your assistance.

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