Agilent 1260 on Empower

<p>Hello everybody!</p><p>does anyone have an experience about connecting Agilent 1260 HPLC systems to Empower 2 Client Server?</p><p>In my lab beside Alliance systems, we have already connected Agilent 1100 and Agilent GCs on CS, working fine, but we are about to buy some 1260 systems. I am wondering if there are some issues regarding work of those systems together with Empower CS.</p><p></p><p>Regards,</p><p>Milos</p>


  • Yea we have a couple of these systems. Note there's really two way to setup 1260's on Empower. For many 1260 modules you can run them like any 1200 or 1100 system using the Agilent LC Control ICS. In that case Empower views them as a 1200 instrument, with the same functionality and limits. Note there are instruments that cannot be used (e.g., G1314D-F cannot, but G1314A-C can). You may also have to downgrade the firmware for some 1260 components to work.

    Now if you want to run a 1260 like a 1260 you can use the new v1.00 Agilent LC ICS. There are limitations such as only one detector per LACE (or acquisition computer), and only one detector per system. There may also be limitations in the supported 1260 modules as well. Note we haven't used the new driver on 1260s, only 1290s. But it works well within the limitations I stated. Still I really hope Waters/Agilent move quickly to allow multiple detectors/systems to run on the same LACE. Hopfully very soon!