Increasing Performance and getting rid of Server Busy and Retry/Switch to/Cancel message boxes

<p>Hello all, I would like to start a discussion on tips on how to make empower server and client run to its full capabilities. When I first became the IT manager where I currently worked I had my first experience with Empower server. Everybody had major speed problems and would always get a popup message saying server busy, and they would get an option to switch to, retry, and cancel. The time it took to browse projects was horrible and those message boxes always came up. I contacted support a couple times and played around with a few things and after a month of headaches I called support again. This time I was connected with a support person that suggested I check to see if the message center was set to auto purge. Well I didn't even think to check and when I checked the message center (little E box on the lower right hand corner of screen) there were 100's of thousands of messages. I cleared them all and performance was now absolutely amazing. I seriously cannot even describe how much faster empower was and not a single message box popped up ever again. It is now set to auto purge every week. I was just wondering if any users out there had any more tips or contributions to help. I hope this helps at least someone out there who struggled with the same simple problem. Also I replaced a previous IT Manager who had no experience on networking. I reconfigured all of our switches in a LAG setup (Link aggregation) and that increased overall network speed dramatically. He had each switch just daisy chained off of each other with one cable. Talk about serious bottlenecks. Thanks.</p><p>John Rucinski</p>


  • By performing this set up on message board, is it going to effect on audit trail?

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    It will be interesting to see what other users state about their observations. Waters is very interested to know what users observe in their own environment when it relates to application performance and network behavior.

    The Message Center is often used for informational purposes and troubleshooting. In a regulated environment you might want to consider saving the Message Center to a file or printing before purging. You should check your corporate SOP for requirements.

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    This is a great question.

    Purging the Message Center does not have an effect on the Project or System Audit Trail.  The Message Center stores and displays messages generated by Empower applications, where the System Audit Trail tracks certain actions that you perform at the Empower system level and the Project Audit Trail tracks actions that you perform within a project. The Project Audit Trail is active only in Full Audit Trail projects.

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  • We are experiencing the same busy message after switching from Empower1 to Empower2. Sometimes the Review window also crash. The auto purging of message center was disabled manually based on our discussion with Waters before since it contains important information related to trouble shooting. The Empoower project audit trail information can not be use to replace Message Center since they are different. We are manually archiving the message center when we do the Empower project backup on monthly/quarterly basis.

  • One area where I find a performance issue is with the report editor.  I often find that the right scroll bar doesn't scroll smoothly during report editing and the report doesn't display any newly scrolled to content.  We have to minimize and maximize the window to get it operational for the current view of the report editor.  This happens regardless of the actual size of the report you are creating/editing, it's just not as debilitating on a small report.  I was hoping a client hardware upgrade (P4 2.4 GHz to Core2duo 2.66 GHz CPU and 512 MB to 2 GB RAM) would help, but even with increased CPU and RAM, the report editor acts nearly the same.  It didn't really change between Millennium 4.0 and Empower 2.  While it obviously can be used to generate reports, it is just takes patience.  Has anyone found a "cure" for the report editor performance?

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    A mouse scroll description had previously been reported quite some time ago but not exactly as you described so we began to investigate.  

    One person did find similar behavior using the scroll wheel and offered this suggestion.    If you are using the scroll wheel on the mouse, the suggestion is to use the Page Up/Page Down keys to scroll through the document instead of the mouse wheel.  The problem also sometimes occurs when clicking in the scroll bar on the right while attempting to scroll down.  The problem also sometimes occurs when clicking in the scroll bar on the right while attempting to scroll down.

    Another possibility is the scrolling delay, might be associated with slowness over a network.  When scrolling on a Personal workstation is very quick but with a client in a Domain there might be seen the same slowness. So, when this is an issue, another suggestion is to turn on the View Outline Only for the report editor when creating reports. It can vary with the amount of data and the report method.

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