Apex track integration

Hi All,We are running Empower 1 using only traditional integration algorithm. Empower 1 came after Millennium which had only traditional integration. Apex Track wasn’t validated when Empower 1 was installed and all left as was in Millennium. Now we are thinking about enabling apex track integration. I would like to ask if anybody has gone through that kind of exercise. I will be very grateful for any tips how it was done, what was validated, if it had any impact on the existing data and it you observe any issues that could be related to having two integration algorithms. Any suggestions, thoughts mostly appreciated Kate


  • Hi Kate

    It might be worth looking at the attached documents which compares system suitability calculations with traditional vs apextrack integration as this may impact on your existing  methods.

    You will  probably have to complete the AQT on the Empower software to qualify the Apextrack processing algorithm.



  • Thanks Geoff

    That helps.

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