Buffering mode

<p>How do I know if my Lac/e32 is in buffering mode?</p>


  • The following symptoms could indicate that a Lac/e32 is in buffering mode:

    • An Administrator or equivalent user could log on to, or remote connect to, the acquisition node in order to review the Recover.log file. The Recover.log file would definitively indicate whether the node was in buffering mode.

    • The user would be unable to connect to the database server.

    • In the Run Samples window the user would see a buffering disc icon with a red "x".

    The most common reasons for buffering are network issues, lack of space in the server's Projects folder, user account privileges, or Empower database performance issues.

  • user account privileges???

    Dear dot please  clarify how come user account privileges leads to buffering mode



  • Hello

    To understand better buffering, I suggest reading "Waters Data Acquisition Buffering", TECH10168834, on the Waters Support site.


    I think this will be helpful.

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