Non-technical question.

Are there any other Waters communities? Such as communities for Q-Tof, Triple Quadrupole, MassLynx, QuanLynx or any other software/hardware?


  • I am so glad you asked this question! The vision has always been to expand beyond the ACQUITY UPLC Community, provided that our customers find it of real value. So I would ask you and the other participants in this Community - has it proven useful for you? Would you like to see us expand into other product areas? What advice would you give us? Any and all comments are welcome.


  • While not Waters specifically I find the Chromatography Forum very useful and some Waters people "hang out" there as well:


  • Hi All,

    I find this forum very usefull. I posted two technicial questions and got good swift replies. The other discussion are nice to follow. I also like the waters information on the site.

    I would like to see an Alliance forum.


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