Import Sample Sequence in Empower

Is it possible to import a sample sequence in Empower manually or do I have to program
an importer using the lims toolkit ?

If yes, how can I do it ?


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    You can create a sample set or sequence in Excel then copy and paste it into Empower. The only condition is the column headers must have the exact same name as a typical sample set for example Dilution/Method Set/Processing etc and any custom fields you typically use in the project. There need not be any data in it as such but the name must be identical.  The order of columns have no bearing either. If entering a method set, ensure the method set exists in the project and is spelled identically.

    When happy with sample set in Excel, select all the data including row numbers and column headers. Copy the data,open the Samples tab in Run Samples window, click the 1st row of empty sample set table. Then enter Paste to complete.
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