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Hi everyone,
As you may know there is a new privilege in FR5 that prevents users from seeing peak areas and results in the Review screen.  We have much conversation within our company on whether this should be activated or not.  The privilege was designed to prevent users from integrating peaks into compliance by preventing users from seeing results while setting up processing parameters.   Has anyone disabled this privilege within Empower?  I can foresee having to create many more result sets if a user cannot preview the integration/results on the Review screen, which can cause more data integrity questions having to explain the all of those multiple result sets.  In addition adding more work for the analysts by constantly reprocessing.

Any opinions on this would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ralph


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    In my experience, if you have trained analysts who are experienced in using Empower and are very familiar with the range of processing method events such as valley to valley, Liftoffs, Peak Widths, thresholds etc, and a sense of when to use these events appropriately and when to write off a batch because the chromatography is beyond saving, then that's 90% of these kind of issues around "tweaking into spec" solved. 

    What's also very important is that these runs in Empower are reviewed/checked and signed off by reviewers who are just as experienced with these aspects of Empower, or else it becomes a clash where someone less knowledgeable is refusing to sign something off because a peak was manually integrated to avoid over integration from an erroneous solvent peak in an otherwise acceptable chromatogram. Not seeing results in review also prevents you from knowing if a peak custom field is appropriate eg reaction of a batch in process divided by finished batch. 

    This feature is essentially saying to analysts "I don't trust you, you will use Empowers features to falsify this result". Its a short term view- a comprehensive and detailed training plan around all the features of Empower so that analysts can process and integrate samples skilfully with minimal supervision and deviations is more appropriate. 
  • Agree with everything said above. If you have trusted analysts and reviewers, who will check for accurate and correct integration, and flag anything where the integration looks odd, especially with complex methods, it’s likely not required. 

    However, it’s a move towards a more scientific approach where integration is optimized and then finalized without bias from previewing calculated results. We can see that in future versions improvements might be things like: you might want to view specific fields only, or you can every field once a result is saved, or... a host of other options.  Really looking for how this kind of feature might be useful to assure the elimination of bias when placing integration baselines. 
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