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I would like to know about Empower LACE rebooter utility tool implementation for Empower 3 FR2.

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  • In any version of Empower, users of a type with adequate privilege may remotely reboot a LAC/E from Configure System, Node, Properties. Is this what you mean?
  • Thanks Dan.

    We know this, privileges in user type will allow to reboot the LACE remotely.

    We have a tool from Waters, this tool was purchased when we had Empower 2, this tool will help to reboot the LACE automatically when PC is in idle and we can schedule daily or weekly.

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    Sandesh Kumar

  • The LAC/E rebooter tool still exists and is supported for Empower 3.  Contact your sales or service representative and they can assist you with upgrading/migrating for Empower 3 FR2.
  • Or you can just write a batch file to do that remotely, but it gets complicated if you want to check for activity first...
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