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I understand for dissolution option you need to set up sample set method and click dissolution (Bath A) (not ticking 2690D installed)

This then goes through bath A set up and input volumes , timepoints etc and then sample set has columns Bath , vessel and transfer time added along with function 'Compute Dissolution'

Can this dissolution option be used to calculate dissolution mass and volume correction ?

Volume correction (change dilution by amount removed) is simple enough but struggling to see how dissolution option works (is it only for reporting/ profiling dissolution Bath A  and F1 f2 similarity factors ? 


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  • HeatherLongden
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    Hi Thought I had posted this previously, but Yes, the Dissolution option does calculate either taking into account volume removed or it can be assumed you replaced the removed media. It summarizes by vessel, draws plots of % Dissolved etc as well as Q Factor calculations


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    Do how do I perform quantification of a dissolution using this option when formula :

    Ri (%) = {Ci x (750 -((i -1)x 2))}+ Ệ(Sum of) {C_a.n)x2}}/LC

    ie Bringing in concentration from previous timepoint

    I have this working in excel for no correction , volume and mass and volume correction so assuming work required here on a custom field perhaps ?

  • Compute dissolution algorithm - try entering that into Empower's help dialog to see how it's done (disso option not required).
  • Hi ,

    I now have Empower calculating for Dissolution amount and dissolved % for mass and volume correction

    I am assuming bath , vessel and transfer time are only for report and profiling?

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    Does the Dissolution function /option require in house validation ?

    Is it GAMP software or can you use it 'from the box as it were?

  • HeatherLongden
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    Just like any Empower calculation, you need to see it it works as you hope it will work. I call that "validation".

    Of course, Waters do testing to see it works as 'we' intend it to work, but we might be coming at it from different requirements to you.
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    Is verifying results versus validated spreadsheet to a number of decimal places sufficient ?

  • ydan1977 said:


    Is verifying results versus validated spreadsheet to a number of decimal places sufficient ?

    That is a function of your internal SOPs and validation protocol(s).
  • Understood ,, though essentially checking versus excel spreadsheet the standard approach

    For Empower set up do you have a specific folder for custom fields and test data ?

    Can all custom fields be checked at the same time /protocol and close change control?


  • You don't have to use Excel to check that Empower calculates a custom field correctly. I use an online calculator set to the max precision of the Empower calculation eg A.%..AVE(Area) I would plug in the FULL value of each area from the samples labelled as A and divide by the total number of injections to get the exact same value as Empower. There is no reason not to test multiple CFs with the same result or result set, it depends on your own internal SOPs for this though. 
  • Hi .

    Tried dissolution function but I am not getting a result for dissolved amount or % dissolved

    I am getting an Amount calculated

    Used and ticked Bath A

  • double check that you have standard values and claim values in your component table (right click on sample set, alter sample, Amounts button), make sure that the component name spellings match in your component table and in your processing method. Also - (too late for this run) - all standard injections should say "inject standard" under function. Controls should say "inject control" under function. Your injection volumes appear to vary... seems odd.
    If you're getting an Amount, you're really close to getting %Dissolved too. Make sure your report is pulling in the correct field, isn't filtering stuff out or something like that. Best way to hunt down "working" fields is probably to review your way to a sample result and then right click on the table, show all and see if something resembling a % Dissolved shows up there.
    If not, there's an issue w/ either naming something or not having included a claim value in sample set or processing method. Find/Correct that, reprocess and you should be good.
  • I think if you forget to assign a standard as Inject Standards or a sample as Inject Unknowns you can change this in Alter Sample under Sample Type field- change to standard or unknown or control as required. 
  • Check your component name in three areas; processing method, amout table (component editor) and from alter sampe => edit => Dissolution...all names should match.
  • Hi

    Thanks for comments

    So before processing :

    peak name of main active should be entered into component table of Bath A components exactly as in component Editor table

    In this case bracket standard are named 'standards' after acquisition

    Function set as inject samples at time of acquisition does not matter until you process

    inj vols changed as this was a test sample set to mimic a dissolution and test dissolution option

    Not got as far as looking at report yet

  • I don't think it will let you change function after data has been acquired.
  • indeed , function type cannot be changed once data acquired but sample type can be for quantification purposes

    I find the process of processing to obtain, hopefully, some results rather frustrating.. Only so many times you can click calibrate, quantitate etc to confirm result correct before hitting process otherwise reprocess and produce replicate data multiple times,,  whereas ideally want see results instantaneously

  • Can you not change your run mode then to run and process or run and report? That way samples are acquired, processed and reported at the same time. That only works for some companies though. I wouldn't do it unless your molecule was very predictable with little changes between runs.
  • Not in GMP environment and current data integrity - unless as you say very confident of system and historically little change . Although standards, components weights multiplier etc required first. A lot of planning for run and report
  • Hi

    Now figured out and checked dissolution option

    How to calculate F1 and F2 for similarity determinations ? Custom filed or part of Dissolution option ?

  • Not part of the dissolution option. As this does not come up frequently for my work, I've always been inclined to do it in Excel, using the CDS output as a starting point.
  • Thanks ,

    Was hoping was part of option

    So F1and F2 require to be custom fields ?  although what if dissolutions ran in different sample sets ?

    I have an excel spreadsheet just wanted to avoid this process

  • See screenshots, I'm not using them, on queue for testing.

  • Hello - F1 and F2 are calculated with custom fields provided within the Dissolution Default project. And there are nested custom fields in those calculations. 
  • Hi 
    hi are you saying f1 and f2 are calculated in dissolution option installed in empower ?so no need for custom fields above ?
  • No ydan1977, Neil is talking about the available custom fields on the Dissolution default project.
  • Hi

    Sorry , what dissolution default project ? you only have a project folder for dissolutions?

    The dissolution option comes into play when creating a sample set from wizard and 'compute dissolution function at the end of sample set when ready to process,,, , no a default project ,,sorry if I'm missing something here

  • See attached Custom Field Tab from the Dissolution Default Project.
  • thanks for info

    how would samples be labelled for quantification

    AU0101 - AU0106 say for bath A (Timepoint 1 for example)

    BU0101 - BU0106 say for bath B (Timepoint 1 for example)

    Calibrate S01* S02* Quantitate AU01* BU01* (if by timepoint)

    And compute dissolution at the end of sample set containing both dissolution baths A and B

  • My mistake. Thanks for showing me that! I never spotted a disso default project when I managed a system w/ that option.