How to install an SatIn Interface on the UPLC

<p><span>Hello Together</span></p><p></p><p><span>I want to install an SatIn Interface on the UPLC.</span></p><p><span>How can I do that.</span></p><p><span>The PC who works with the UPLC have not a Bus Lace Card.</span></p><p><span>Can anybody help me by this Problem ?</span></p><p></p><p><span>Ralf</span></p>


  • Ralf:

    You will need an ethernet version of the SATIN, (eSATIN) I believe.

    May I ask which is the detector and which is the software that you are using.

    I have directed this question to our data experts, but this additional information will be helpful


  • Hello

    The Detector is an Micro RI Detektor from

    Software ist Empower 2.

    I've helped so at the moment in which I created an interface on a computer with a bus Lace card installed, and so the signal to the other computer records.
    I have the interface a start signal on the sample manager.
    This works well but is cumbersome.


  • Hello again.

    We have a few questions to ask, but for reference please see the following links for the installation guides. These should clear up a few issues.

    The busSAT/IN installation guide is

    The eSATIN guide is

    We believe that you are using a busSATIN since you reference a busLACE, which is not used with an eSATIN. Regardless of whether you are using a busSAT/IN (through the busLACE card or serial port) or the eSATIN they would still need to use two cables - one from the detector to the analog input and one from the injector to get the inject start signal.

    However, we are intrigued by the reference to "computer" and "other computer". I assume that first reference is the PC running the ACQUITY and presumably Empower ? I am not certain why a second ("other") computer would be used - is this for the RI? maybe the inject satrt needs to be conveyed to the s/w controlling the RI.

    Liz and the ACQUITY Team

  • Hello

    I had the second computer to use the RI Signal recorded since the actual computer from the UPLC no offers an opportunity SATIN anzuschliessen.
    Since I am not a ESATIN unfortunately I've had this solution and invented the works.
    It works so well even the UPLC the detector PURGE, Autozero injection and start pretending.


  • Dear Ralf:

    Just to be clear, currently you are using 2 PCs is because the busLACE board was already in one.

    You can use a serial connector for the busSATIN to plug into the same PC using the serial connector. Assuming the PC that is running the UPLC has a serial com port, it would be compatible.

    The cable part number is 441000294. The use of that cable connecting the busSATIN to the PC serial port would eliminate the need for the busLACE. And the analog signal and inject start signals would still be required.

    Please contact your local Waters team and they can help.


  • Thanks a lot

    I order the Cable by Waters.