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I am wondering if anyone knows why the Plot Tab "Overlay" function is grayed out in review view. Is there any way to overlay chromatograms while you are processing data for the first time and setting up a new processing method? I would like to be able to compare chromatograms as I am naming my peaks.

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    Select the sample set, right click and choose "View As" and select "Channels". This will open the Channels tab with only injections from the selected sample set.

    Highlight the injections you wish to overlay from the channels tab, right click, and select "Review".

    When the data is pulled into review right click the chromatogram graph and select "Properties".

    From the chromatogram properties window that opens select the "Overlay" tab, select the "Overlay in a single plot" radio button and click "Apply". Click "Okay" to close the window.

    Your data will be overlayed.

    Note: this will only work for 2D data...


  • I think if you view the injections as Channels and select them in the order you desire, they appear in this order in a window with chromatogram on top and a list of the 2D channels and Peak information in a table on the bottom. Then you can select or deselect the channels you want and overlay, scale to peak etc. 
  • So, it sounds like there is no way to process the data at the same time as viewing the overlay?
  • Not that I know of anyway. 
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