Empower sign off error

Hi ,

When signing off a Empower report for sign off 2 error is observed and cannot see final report  :

The report you have selected was not found in the database

This could be the result of one of the following conditions

And then list possibilities (of which all I don't understand')

It is not the report as sign off 1 is ok and Save report image after sign is enabled



  • Hi,

    Have you looked for answers to your question in our Waters Knowledge Base? Lots of great information in there. You can even find KB articles by searching for them using a search engine like Google.

    Check out support.waters.com


    Justin Kelley
  • might be an issue with the pdf writer, or tablespace?
  • hi ,

    tablespace is fine ,, how do I find out if PDF a problem ?

    points above all checked , although not sure what point 4 refers to (TEMP file) or how to check this ?

    Only option was to reprocess , resign and approve which worked

  • Has it been only the one time or is this a recurring issue?  I had a problem with a printer spooler on one of my two Citrix servers that would cause an issue similar to this error as it couldn't save the pdf.  It appeared as an intermittent issue since people could be assigned to the "good" server and it would work just fine.
  • This has happened a number of times but not for a while to my knowledge

    I agree it is something to do with Citrix server but yet to find root cause .. hopefully not see problem again

  • I disagree - we have no Citrix and I see this via my fat client from time to time. I also have seemingly random issues getting export methods to drop data into my network folders from some projects.
  • thanks .. something to keep an eye on I guess
  • This blue Error sign off screen has started to appear again ... any thoughts on root cause

    Report ticked for sign off and table space is fine > 100 mb free  

  • To confirm , system policies - result sign off have not been changed

    A sign off 1 after this error was ok so seems intermittent problem

  • Hi ,

    It seems this blue screen only appears at times at sign off level 1

    ie analyst cannot see his/her report

    For review must go preview /publisher and review report then click ok

    Once signoff 2 is complete the report /pdf can be seen with both sign offs

    unknown reason why sign off 1 a problem though suspect last condition ie TEMP folder problem  

  • Look over the release notes for SR3 FR4 and FR5....   or check in support.waters.com. I’m sure there are intermittent defects addressed around something similar recently. 
  • The only note I can find of any relevance here is


    although we currently have Empower 3 Build : 3471 SR2 hotfix 2 , not build 1154

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