How do I create a unique instrument method on Empower.

We have different names like planets or trees for HPLC systems and created instrument method/method set specific to an individual HPLC. This could become a problem when two instrument methods are used in a single sample set run, and Empower uses the HPLC that is initiated at the beginning of the run so if the instrument methods/ HPLC models are identical, the run will be completed with the HPLC system initiated at startup. Our Waters FSE recommended creating a single generic instrument method for all the HPLC systems that are identical in component models, but was wondering if there is a way to create unique instrument methods that are specific to a single HPLC unit (serial number).


  • I like to bury the system configuration into instrument methods so that there is no misleading information in the reports. IE: Product_X_Assay_2695-2489 vs. Product_X_Assay_H-Class-TUV. This is especially helpful for those who like dedicated shutdown method sets as it makes them quite portable.

    Specific instrument ID is typically covered on report pages where the name of the acquisition instrument appears in a header or footer on each chromatogram. 

    Including serial numbers is probably also doable via insertion of a field so long as instruments are ethernet. Some IEEE serial numbers are not as available.

    Dedicating instrument methods to specific instruments via naming leads to lots of redundancy and no way to prevent someone from using a "wrong" method on a given instrument, which may result in excess "feeding of the auditors".
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    "two instrument methods are used in a single sample set run"
    While you can run different instrument methods in a sampleset, a single sample set run is ALWAYS only sent to one specific system. You pick the system first, You can't have a SampleSet that involves multiple systems.
    If you are running two instruments, they each will have their own SampleSet.

    Also Empower automatically will only allow Method Sets that correspond to the system you selected.  I.e. if you have two similar but not identical LC's only methods that match that configuration will be allowed.

    If you have identical systems, Empower will allow you run a specific MethodSet on any configuration that is identical. so there is no need to have Method Sets for different systems if they are the same e.g Aspirin Assay can be used for all identical systems collecting in a single project.

    Of course you could create a unique project for each instrument, but that is regressing into workstation mode. 
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