Default for "RoundTo" in sample set properties - is there a way to set/change it?

In the enterprise system I've inherited, new sample sets default to 2 places for "RoundTo".
Is there a way to get it to default to something a little higher?
I've scoured system policies and project properties, I'm not seeing anything (so I suspect I've just missed it). 


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    You don't have it listed under CustomField tab of the Browse Project Window?


  • Hi Dan, what is the "RoundTo" field in a sample set, is it a custom field?
  • In the Alter Sample screen, there's a button 2 to the right of "Component Editor" (also known as "Amount" which is what a mouse pointer left over the button yields).

    It is the "Sample Set Information Window" (hovering mouse gets you a "Sample Set Information" label for button. 
    It's in there all the way on the right end of the table. It is not a CF as far as I can tell.
  • Hi Dan I checked all around the sample set information screen in an alter sample from a project I went into and I cant see anything called RoundTo. The fields I see are Sample Set Name/Sample Set Method, Sample Set Start and Finish Date/Sample Set ID/Acquired By/Sample Set Altered/Sample Set Type/Sample Set Current ID/Sample Set Original ID/Sample Set Comments....
  • Gah. I'm an idiot. It's a CF. Never mind. Thanks for looking!

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