How do I change my user name?

I would like to change my user names since it is company name and would not like to disclose it.
Please let me know how to change or create another user name.


  • U cant change the user name for already created accounts, either u have to change the status to Removed and configure new user name.
  • To create new user, user should have the access permissions to "create users" .
    1) Log in to Empower ( generally admin or user have the permission to "create users")
    2) go to "Configure the system" > File >New> user
    3) Enter required fields and click Ok button.
    Note: if your not entered password while creating new user ( your user name and password is same for first time).
  • I mean hear in community forum, the icon is fine but I would like to have a name like Durgaprasad instead of the company name that is showing now.
  • I think you have to start over and login as a new user and assign the new name.
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