Dynamic Rather than Static Mass Analysis Window in Empower

Hi there,

This is more of an enhancement request (I think).

The current "Purity" plots in the mass analysis window are static and cannot be zoomed in (say at the 0.05/0.1% level) to detect by visualisation the possibility of "significant" unaccounted for mass ions - thus highlighting the possibility of co-eluting peaks. Could this be changed please so that a defined y-axis level (e.g. 0.05/0.1% of the main ion intensity) is dynamic and could be used more effectively to report and demonstrate peak purity more easily. 

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    @rob_burgess This is indeed an enhancement request because you cannot currently zoom in on the spectra in the Mass Analysis Window.  That being; said you could go to the Main Window within Review, zoom in on the peak of interest, use the Extract Spectrum tool and extract MS spectra across the peak.  Then you can zoom in on the spectra in Spectrum Review.
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