How to find out amount of mobile phase needed to run sample set?

I know you can get a display of amount of solvent required when using wizard to make a sample set but when in quickstart and activating a run, where can I get this info and for solvent, does it mean total solvent from both lines if a gradient or the one line if isocratic? Is there a way to add this information to reports? 

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  • Thanks very much for the answer. I checked it in quickstart and it works. I presume you pick "New Samples" from the drop down? The other options don't display solvent required. 
  • "New Samples" works in real time (consumption changes instantly when you add a row) while "Sample Set" becomes active when you save and run the sequence (I think it automatically switches to "Sample Set" when you hit run). "Total" calculates the consumption of multiples sample sets.
  • Thanks for clearing that up DavidHPLC, much appreciated.
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    I believe that I have read earlier that there was a fix so that this works for Agilent systems... The fix either came via ICF Support 3.0 or Instrument Control Framework A.02.05, which was recently released in August of this year.
  • shaunwat, care to post that release announcement? Sounds great!
  • Hi DavidHPLC,

    It appears that I made this up. It looks like Waters corrected a problem with solvent consumption tables appearing in reports in ICF Support 3.0. I misread this and thought they had [finally] fixed the solvent consumption for Agilent LCs.

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