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I want to set up my report method with a chromatogram of my standard and next to that an all peaks table with the amount and retention time etc of my standard component but when I blow my summary by all report up to landscape and put the two tables next to each other, when I group them they automatically overlay each other and it looks ridiculous. 
I checked the Snap to Grid setting and its set to No grid, I thought it was set to auto centre which was causing the issue but no. Any idea how I can get this to work as I saw this example on a Waters course handout! Im planning to composite sort by injection and im not getting anywhere. Any ideas?

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    So, if you look at what I this what you are thinking?  If not, could you include a rough drawing or something, screenshot of what you have vs what you are envisioning might help or a pic of the Waters course handout? Maybe a screenshot/list of settings of the method properties (right-click on the report config background, make sure that says landscape and summary by all) would help diagnose what might need to be altered.

    If the attached is magically what you are looking for, I can certainly toss screenshots of the configuration info.  The "snap to grid" items don't apply to the rendering of the final report the way you imply.  Using a snap to grid approach, it merely helps line up the top left corner of a chromatogram, table, etc. to the grid dots when you move it around in the report configuration.  It won't help with the sizing of the chromatogram, table, etc. or the overlay issue you are describing.


  • Hi MJS, yes as it happens that's exactly the layout I was looking for with perhaps a drawing bar above with the default text, something like Section 2: Chromatogram and Peak Table. I need to composite by Samplename ascending. Can you please let me know what set-up you have to achieve this as this is the last thing on my report method I need to include. Thanks. 
  • I think the key for you is that you need a different/additional OrderBy field.  In my example, I used result ID because I got the overlay thing happening when I used SampleName as well.  Maybe the overlay effect is a bug of some sort.  I think that if you use SampleName, followed by something completely unique like Result ID, it will work for you.

    I've attached some screenshots...
  • While I generally agree w. the MJS approach, I would suggest using injection ID as either a primary or secondary ordering item as result ID may or may not produce expected results as a function of whether things are processed on the fly or if standards are processed first. This can be further complicated by manual integrations.
  • Thanks MJS for the attachment it was very helpful and I managed to get the report to stay side by side and look right. I wasn't aware you could composite based on more than one item so I choose Samplename ascending and Injection ascending and that worked fine. Thanks again. 
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