Percent label claim

I am new to Empower and I was wondering if anyone could help me set up a custom field to determine %Label Claim? Previous chemists here would create spreadsheets to calculate this out and I know that Empower is able to do this for us. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • Are we talking standard purity label claim for calculations or would you like to have %Label Claim as a result for a sample?
  • If its the type of Amount/Label Claim*100 to return a percentage then simply create a Component custom field called Label_Claim and enter the relevant values against your peaks, then save sample set. Also set up a peak, real calculated custom field called Percent_Label_Claim and enter the formula as Amount/Label_Claim*100. Set your search settings as appropriate (if you normally batch process sample sets to yield result sets, pick Result Set Only. If not pick another option). 
    You can specify to only perform this calculation on Samples/Standards/Controls etc or only Found or All peaks. If this is intended for just one peak, I advise populating that peak name in the CCalRef1 section in the Components tab of your processing method then the formula becomes CCalRef1[Amount]/Label_Claim*100. 
  • This may be of interest

    "how to create a Component Custom Field (Part 3). The perfect example is a common one – Label Claim."
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