How to validated the Empower software functionalities?

we were installed Empower personal application,  how to ensure the Emp software installed successfully and all functionalities (Custom fileds, results and reports etc..) working as expectedly.

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    Where the verify files utility can act as an IQ for the software, the SoftwareQT can act as OQ.

    Running the SoftwareQT test is really quite easy.  With your Empower installation discs, you should have an SQT related disc with a few projects that could be restored into your instance of Empower.  Also on that disc should be the applicable copy of the instructions (Empower SystemsQT for Software Protocol) on which projects are needed and how to run it.  Generally speaking, you'd at least have the "Valid_OQ1" and "Valid_OQApex" projects restored into your system, then you'd go into the configure system and select "EmpowerSQT" from the Tools menu.  Follow the onscreen prompts for which node, print vs paperless, etc.  You will need the service password to proceed into the tool though, and as a non-Waters employee, I'm not sure I'm allowed to share the system's password with you, so you will likely have to talk to Waters for that.

    Just note that nothing from Waters will every validate a custom field you may have created.  Their test will show the system functions as intended, but it isn't capable of determining that your custom field is configured properly per your method requirement.


  • So, I presume you didn't purchase any validation services.  Waters has their system/software QT options/licenses that really do a solid job of demonstrating everything is installed correctly and is functioning correctly.  I believe if you haven't purchased those licenses to run those tests, the only thing you'd have available is the Verify Files utility.  It at least verifies all installed files needed are present and are correct (e.g. not corrupted or modified), but really doesn't do much to validate your install instance is functioning correctly.

    On the workstation, navigate through the start menu to the Empower folder.  There should be a "Verify Files" option along with the Empower shortcut.  A script will run and it will generate a text file many pages long listing all the installed files with a confirmation that each is "OK" along with the file size and a CRC value.  All should state "OK" with a note at the end of various sections stating 0 files found changed and 0 files missing.
  • Hi MJS 
    Empower SQT licenses are activated , How to perform and report Empower SQT ?
  • Thanks for the information.
  • If you purchased a license, Waters should have included instructions with regards to how to execute. I would contact Waters regarding these instructions.

    The reason for the above, is there are also codes that must be entered that allow the SQT to run. As I understood it, Waters controlled these codes and the access codes change every year.

  • Code changes for  every year or every release ?, please let us know more info about codes they changed. 
  • If I remember the code to launch the SQT changes every year...
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