Simple calculation but mind is blank!

I run a test where the amount of glucose and fructose in my sample needs to be less than the amount of glucose and fructose in my bracketing standard for a passing result. I quantitate my sample the normal way using a standard but for the result if i use a report method it doesnt tell me if it passed or not. 
I know you could just group a table for standard and sample and compare "amounts" but my boss is looking for a custom field that specifically tells the end user pass or fail. 

Im thinking something like LT(Ccompref1Amount,S0?.%..AVE(Ccompref1Amount)). Does that sound right?

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    If you are going to use fields such as CCompref1 and pull specific values from them, then your syntax needs to be:


    You also need to be mindful on the caps used in global variables such as these as Oracle is case sensitive.

    If you want to see the pass / fail, then run this as a boolean custom field and have the translation be Pass and Fail, respectively, where less than standard would generate a pass.


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