Any decent resources on Intersample custom fields?

There is some info on Google about custom fields but I couldn't see much about intersample and intersample summary custom fields. I'm working on some inter sample summaries and would like to expand my knowledge base a bit, any suggestions?


  • I had a quick look though Neil Lander's Tip of the Week Blog but it seems he has not approached intersample Custom Fields so far.. but keep checking...
  • Also add "Inform" to your google searches - you'll start pulling slide decks from past Inform conferences - good stuff in these!
  • The online help files have some significant info on custom fields.  Have you reviewed that material yet?  Otherwise, Waters does have some eLearning courses and one or a few touch on custom fields.
  • Hi MJS yes I checked out and printed off the help files and they do help me gain a foundation in the subject, there are still a few thinks though that don't work out as I think they should, ill keep searching!
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