Result Set Only search order in custom field

I have a custom field which calculates percentage impurity by dividing my area by CCalRef1 Area and multiplying by 100. My search order is Result Set Only. My question is, when I start running samples in a new project, I can sometimes see a result for this custom field under the "Peaks" tab when reviewing injections (before I process sample set) and other times its blank in review but populated in the result set. I thought that this search order would only limit you seeing the value in "Result Set" so I don't understand seeing it sometimes in Review mode. Is it because you saved the processing method and this counts as a result?


  • As long as you have an area sesignated as ccalref1 this field will calculate. Setting the custom field to result set only acts as you suspect.

    Seeing it at times and not at others typically would have something to do with changes to the PM and if you have reapplied the processing method to all samples.

  • Thanks for the reply. I presumed that because the search order was result set only, that the result you see on screen when reviewing a sample set was actually taken from the most recent result set and not your currently reviewed injections. Yes, the CCalref1 is involved so that must be giving me results. Its odd though because I thought Result Set Only would keep the field blank until your have a processed sample set. Thanks for the clarity!
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