View filter by user type


is it possible to create a view filter to sort the users by specific User type in Empower 3?  The system only permit to sort by Default user type, but how can I proceed when a user as more than 1 user type?  Is there other way than doing it individually for each user by looking at the properties of the user?


  • Hi, I don't see a way to do that in the GUI either. We do have users that can logon with different user types. To find that I have to open each one and check that user tab. Managing this for a larger site is harder that it should be. Why have user groups and user types that don't allow a way to query this info?
    Do a quick and dirty export all users to a "Empower Users.txt" file and search for Allowed User Types: Click the upper top left icon to select all users, then right click line 1 and select Export to text.
  • blr81
    Its a good question. We need to check with Waters why they haven't provided allowed user types in this screen