ML 42 export blank result as zero to lims


We have recently upgraded from masslynx 4.1 to 4.2 with Targetlynx XS. According to the technical support there has been made a change regarding how samples with no peaks are exported to lims. In ML 4.2 a blank result (no peak) is exported as blank, while in ML 4.1 it is reported as 0 concentration. That means, when there is no peak in ML 4.2 we do not get a result of the sample, and manually have to type it into lims. This is not just annoying, but it also does not make sence. Adding a default value in TL result field does not export to lims either.

I guess we cannot be the only ones having this problem. Is there a work around? Acoording to the information I have obtained, you can set the 'Below limit reporting flag' wich then will be exported in the xml file. However, using this approach you will have to programmatically make the lims system accept these flags, wich would be way too costly. 

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