Missing chromatograms

Hi fellas, I don´t know how could I had survive without knowing the existence of this forum!

My question, I´m sure is informatics.

I run a system with DAD, FLR and SQ2 detectors. Since installation, everytime you select a sample and hit "chromatogram" on MassLynx you get a window with the 3 traces: MS (according to the selected MS file), DAD (always 260 nm, but I can obtain from there the UVVIS spectra for every peak just by clicking on it, which is not happening on individual channels in the inlet file) and FLR (depending on the Ex/Em from the inlet file).

However, today without any apparent reason, it only shows MS and FLR (similar type of samples from last week were showed as mentioned before). I had to manually access the display analog option from the menu to see the DAD trace.

Any idea of what´s going on or what´s have been unintentionally "unchecked"?

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