What would cause the nine Panel Login Screen to grey out?

<p>I have an analyst who tried to login to her Empower 2 user account but only could see the nine panel login screen & it was greyed out.  Upon review of users logged in, she was the only one on the system. Her account was 'disabled', then 're-activated' but still got same result.   She also tried logging on from a different client but that didn't work either. Other users could login normally. Tried re-booting the server but no change in her login problem.   Anyone know what's happening?</p><p></p><p>Thanks,</p>


  • Hello Debby

    What version (FR and SP) of Empower 2 are you running?

    Since you mention other users could login normally, is this on the same workstation?

    When the user logs in the client is it possible their settings for the workstation are different?

    The 6-pane window is HTML based.  It is possible the version of Internet Explorer or settings could have some influence.  Check the version of Internet Explorer on the workstation that did not work.  Also, try copying the preferences from a known good user to this user.  Does this help?

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Hello Dot,

    We are on FR5, SP G running Empower 2 in a Citrix enviroment.  This issue was also happening to another user.  He was trying to login on (from different workstations).  It seems that the Citrix sessions are not clearing out, possibly because the users aren't fully logging off (just logging off of Empower 2 only).  I will pass on your suggestions to our IT people & see where it gets us.  Thanks!

  • Hi Debby

    Because it is a Citrix environment, the users login Empower using a Citrix ICA client.  This means they are running from the same Empower 2 application being deployed from the Citrix server.

    As a test you can have the user log from a non-ICA client to see if the problem still occurs.  A non-ICA client would be a workstation with a full install of the Empower client software or an acquisition client.